A simple principle of chess triumph

In sport or every strategy games. Winning had been planned from outcome before it began. The end-game screen must be seen by the winner. When time changes, the winner has to adapt his end-game screen in mid-game and provide other possibilities of end-game in order to act.

In business. evolutions are chronological. There are always two sides to every coin even the greatest tech-device known as “iPhone” that disrupted analogic phone still has some inevitable destiny. What if Apple company would get disrupted by *neutron-communication technology? In that moment, people won’t need a phone to communicate anymore.
*(Neutron-communication technology which is neutron base communication though brain to brain instead of utilizing phone)

Evolutions are inevitable but predictable. A corporation that monopolizes the market should change themselves before they are getting disrupted.

One of simple innovation strategies is just to slightly upgrade feature of product line to be multiple product versions to sale like iPhone 3G, but not breakthrough their previous iPhone generation. The reason is because it’s not easy to develop something that really breakthrough and it doesn’t sound make sense to disrupt their own current production to loss possibility of cash flow liquidity.

The way I see it, video-game version update is developed from 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 and then it suddenly goes to 2.

Effective Innovation product mostly came from zero to one (Peter Thiel). This book explains that successful startup ideas mostly tackles the current market or old business model by innovative business models that are greater by every side (10X). For example, an offline market has a limited space ,opens solely in day time and operates in location-base only. On the other hand, an online market is 24 hours available, you can purchase at anywhere and any time, unlimited shelf space and customers can be seller as well. But keep in mind that your marginal profit will be collected in transaction as ‘Transaction fee’.

In Thailand, Japanese buffet trend has been originally created by Oishi-group. They realized that people love Japanese food yet the price is too expensive. Therefore, he created the combination between buffet and Japanese food to be the first Japanese buffet restaurant. After 2 years, his first restaurant has become Thailand food mega-trend tremendously.

In this case, the business model generation was developed from 0 into 1.
Conversely, creating another menu for traditional Japanese restaurant means your business is upgraded just 0.1 to 0.2, 0.3,0.4.

In order to create ‘New market’, ‘Evolution’ needs to be established. It was called ‘Zero to one strategy’ like smart phone disrupts the analogic phone.



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Leo Passanai

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